Lucas Parklands: Australia’s leading intimate performance venue

Nestled amongst hinterland rainforest just a stone’s throw from Lake Baroon, the music auditorium at Lucas Parklands is living up to claims that it is Australia’s best intimate performance venue.

While some halls may seat thousands, the Lucas Parklands auditorium caters to just 150; however those guests are treated to unrivalled musical experiences, being seated just metres from world-class performers.

Set on 30 acres just outside Montville, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland ranges, Lucas Parklands features the performance hall, which is adjacent to the main residence and guest suites. Three separate accommodation cabins also feature nearby.

For years, Ian Lucas dreamed of creating such a venue and natural living environment, a place where the world’s best pianists, violinists, singers, jazz musicians, and more, could come to relax, feel at home, but also to revel in the acoustic brilliance of the venue and treat guests to their most inspired work.

That dream is progressively building in 2021, as Lucas Parklands hosts a list of world-class performances by artists eager to add a concert played at the unique Lucas Parklands to their professional resumes.

“It’s quite overwhelming, and the other word I’d use is ‘flattering’, as these wonderful performers endorse us with a visit,” explained Mr Lucas.

“It has been difficult for such musicians to discover us, so I research artists that I’d like to have come, and then I simply, to use the modern term, I reach out and ask them if they’re interested in coming to perform here.

“Pianist Pascal Rogé, who played here twice 10 and 12 years ago, said he believed, for its size, Lucas Parklands is one of the two best performance venues in the world. Other performers commented that they have played in much bigger venues, but they haven’t played in more beautiful places.

“It’s wonderful to see how quickly artists and guests become comfortable at Lucas Parklands. They arrive not really knowing what to expect, but very quickly they relax and you can see them enjoy the experience.

“I have met the most remarkable people, and I’ve stayed in contact with them, simply because they have come to my home, enjoyed playing here, so they leave as friends and it’s been a wonderful thing for me to develop relationships with great performers.”

The world class concerts, and new friendships are sure to continue.

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