Alley Oops Skatepark gets skaters feeling “pumped”!

Great for kids


10/14 Capital Place, Birtinya

With the ongoing global resurgence of skateboarding for all ages, accompanied by the rise in scooter riding, there’s also increasing demand for safe well-managed all-weather skate venues.

Alley Oops Indoor Skatepark ticks all those boxes – with its many and varied skating obstacles, professional staff who are themselves skateboarders, a strong commitment to safety and good manners, great lighting and an all-round feel-good vibe.

For one mum, the skatepark is ideal for making sure her two young boys stay active and energetic.

“If they laze around on the couch early, nothing much happens all day,” the skater mum said.

“But they walk away from this place feeling pretty pumped!”

From half pipes and ramps, through to rails and steps, as well as the Sunshine Coast’s only foam pit, and even a disability rig to help disabled skaters, the comprehensive venue is ideal for all ages, from those just starting out through to the older timers, including those youngsters and teens who say everything else makes them bored.
“We have three sections that apply to different types of skating,” Alley Oops’ manager Jess Smith said.

“We’ve got a section for traditional skating where you will find half pipes, for example; then we’ve got street skating where you’ve got obstacles like stair sets, boxes and rails just like if you’re out riding in the suburbs, and then there’s traditional skatepark obstacles.

“We’ve got ramps from one-foot to six-foot, so you can literally start from the very bottom and work your way up one foot at a time. We get a lot of satisfaction seeing young beginner develop to become really skilled skaters.

“And a lot of things in our skatepark can be moved around, so you see a lot of people getting creative, putting different obstacles together for new challenging experiences. It’s a lot of fun.”


Alley Oops Indoor Skatepark caters to all skating abilities. It offers lessons for beginners and those wanting to upgrade their skills. The venue hosts skating groups for girls, over 21s groups, they have BMX nights, and specific event nights for scooter riders, to name some of their niche offerings.

There’s a canteen that offers snacks (including coffee for parents), there’s free WiFi, male and female toilets, kids birthday parties, and the venue is air-conditioned.
Alley Oops also promotes the need for safety (everyone under 18 must wear a helmet) and recognised skatepark manners.

“We enforce general skatepark etiquette like taking turns and only one person on the ramp at a time – when everyone is playing by the rules, then everyone is safe and having a good time,” Ms Smith said.

“If there’s a skater and they see someone struggling, it’s nice to see them put down their board or their scooter, and see them helping someone out – and you see a lot of that here. You’ll see the older kids helping the younger kids. It’s nice.

“Plus, all the staff are skateboarders, so we get in there and help out too; we want everyone to leave having had a positive experience, having learned something, and walk out feeling they’ve accomplished something and had fun.

“We do it because we love skating. So for us to able to experience it, and even seeing some of the kids who were once unable to stand on a board, and now they’re dropping into the six-foot half pipe, it’s awesome.
“You get to be part of the journey and to be included in their hype and excitement when they land a new move for the first time. We love it. It’s our passion.”

Alley Oops Indoor Skatepark is at 10/14 Capital Place, Birtinya (Kawana Waters) – about 5km south of Kawana Shopping World. Phone 0753437964
For full details, here is their website:

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